Advantages of a Social Media Marketing Blog

The Advantages of a Social Media Marketing Blog

Considering starting a Social Media Marketing Blog but aren’t sure how you can use it?

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First, you will want to keep in mind who will be viewing your information. Most likely, your audience will be mostly made up of other industry professionals, prospective clients, prospective employees, and current employees.

Therefore, a blog is a great place to showcase your expertise in specific areas, industry information, company news, and company culture. You can also post job opportunities and mention current employees’ accomplishments and projects.

You can use a Social Media Marketing Blog to share articles about the next big thing in social media. Talk about your company’s ideas and opinions regarding the article. This will help build your credibility in the industry and show prospective clients that you know your stuff. It will also help you stay fresh and up-to-date on the latest industry news for your company’s benefit. Your blog is also a great place to show off your employees’ talent, awards, and knowledge. Other industry professionals will begin to regard you as an expert, and your company’s name could come up in conversations more than once.

A Social Media Marketing Blog can also help direct traffic to and from your social media pages and/or websites. For example, if you have a YouTube account, you can post videos on your blog that link to your YouTube channel where visitors can watch other videos that you have made. Additionally, if a blog viewer enjoys the information that they see on your blog, with a small prompt, they will be more inclined to “like” your Facebook page or to follow you on Twitter.

Compelling text content can be lost when not accompanied by interesting visual images. This is why a Social Media Marketing Blog is best structured when it contains mixed media, not just text. Mixed media includes videos, images, article links, and in some cases, audio clips like songs. However, be careful not to make your blog look like any teenager with a laptop controls it. Make sure all images are professional and purposeful. For example, when posting a job opportunity within your company, ask your graphic designer to make a “We Are Hiring” sign and post the colorful graphic on your blog along with a link to the job information. Does your company have a “back stage” or a factory? Create a behind-the-scenes tour video and post it on your blog so that those who are interested in your company can get to know it better.

A blog is a great place to help define and display your company’s culture. It shows prospective employees what it might be like to work in your office, and it shows prospective clients what it might be like to work with you. How you portray yourself on your blog hints at your sense of humor, your attitude toward different projects, and how you feel about change. This is invaluable information for someone who is considering a partnership with you.

This is why a Social Media Marketing Blog can give your company an advantage by providing a place for you to showcase who you are beyond the usual web pages.