Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Followers and Connections

  • Social Proof. The reason people only go to the clubs where there’s a long line. The reason they choose a restaurant because that’s where everyone else seems to go. We not only work with you to increase your likes, but we are benchmarking and analyzing its activity every step of the way.

Social Mentions

  • Who is talking about your brand? What are they saying? We provide a breakdown of how people interact with your brand along, giving you a better idea of your current reputation among advocates.

Likes, Re-Tweets and Shares

  • When does your audience share? What do they like to share? This is different for every business, and we use analytical tools to measure what your audience is sharing, when they are doing it, and why. Shares are the best way to grow your community, and we dig deep into the data until we find the best strategy to get them sharing your social media pages.


  • What works and what doesn’t work? The key is to test and measure until you find the optimal type of content that resonates with your audience. Using analytical tools along with our expert insights, we are able to discover exactly what works for you and then magnify it to maximize engagement.


  • We provide you with clean and comprehensive analytic reports to give you a visual idea of how successful your social media campaign is. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers and data, so we make it easy to understand by providing actionable insights and intuitive reporting tools.