Social Media Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Social Media Campaigns

  • Social media campaigns are the hands-down best way to improve engagement among your followers and gain new members to your audience. We specialize in idea generation, strategic planning, and careful execution of social media campaigns. Different campaigns can have different goals. We customize the strategy to fit your business needs along with what will work best with your audience.

Campaign Types

  • Campaigns via social media are not your typical “BOGO” promotions. We implement unique strategies that encourage your audience to interact with your brand, which will keep you at the top of their mind. Social campaigns aren’t all about giveaways or simply getting “likes”. The goal is to provide your followers with an experience that they will remember. Social media is a playground, not a shopping mall. We give them something they can play with! Here’s a short list of campaigns we have successfully run in the past:
    • Hashtag to Win
    • This or That
    • Personality Quizzes
    • Caption This
    • Photo Contest
    • New Product Launch Feedback
    • Trivia

Strategy Development

  • A successful social media strategy is much more than just posting and tweeting. To be effective in this space, you have to align your overall marketing tactics with social media. We take the time to get to know your business and your industry. Then we roll up our sleeves and jump into the trenches.
  • Building a strategy is important, but executing it with precision is vital. We test, measure and adjust constantly. Social media is always changing and your strategies need to evolve with it. Our team is dedicated to continuously optimizing your strategy in order to successfully meet or exceed your social media goals.