Social Marketing Companies

Why Outsource to Social Marketing Companies?

Who needs social marketing companies? You have your own personal Facebook account, like nearly everyone else at your company. You think it’s kind of fun. A couple of people at your company even keep Twitter accounts. How hard could it possibly be to translate that combined working knowledge of social networking into an effective social marketing campaign?

social media marketing companies

If you answered “very hard,” you get a gold star. Studies have indicated that it takes a midsized company 32 hours of labor per month to manage just one social media platform. Do you have the resources for that in-house? That’s almost an entire workweek, just in order to maintain a good presence on a single social network. If you have a social media presence, it’s essential that someone constantly keep an eye on the accounts. An unhappy customer who tweets at your business expects a timely response. If he or she doesn’t get it, don’t be surprised if you both lose a customer and receive negative publicity within that person’s social media circle. Social marketing companies can advise you on how to improve your reputation after incidents like this, but wouldn’t it be better to bring the experts on board before anything like that ever happened?

What if you’ve already decided to give a couple of your employees a shot at working on your social media for a month or two in addition to their other duties? They’re not bad at it, you say? Congratulations—that’s great! Do you think they’re going to be able to keep the content fresh on their own, and somehow find the time to keep up with the work they were doing before they started handling your social media? Social marketing companies can optimize and expand on anything your company has achieved on social networks without their help. And they can train your in-house talent to do a better job with Facebook, Twitter, and so on, in less time.

Social marketing companies bring years of experience when they sit down with you to design a social network marketing campaign that will almost certainly work. Why? Because they’ve done this before, over and over, for other companies, and you get to reap the benefits of all they learned before you brought them on board.

You know your business needs a strong social media marketing presence across multiple platforms. But do you know why? Do you have a set list of goals that you plan to achieve over social media, and a plan for exactly how to make them all happen? Tweet with a purpose. Post your status update with an end in mind. Social marketing companies know what can be accomplished with social network campaigns, and they can help you.