We Know About a Social Media Campaign

We Know About a Social Media Campaign

Running a social media campaign is a tremendous amount of work that requires planning, oversight, and proper execution. Done well, it can dramatically increase revenue as flocks of people become aware of your product and your services; done poorly, however, it can be a massive waste of time and money. Instead of trying to become an expert on the internet overnight, you should consider the THAT Company as an option for outsourcing. Training up a new department has a variety of costs that are often overlooked when starting a new section, after all.

Social Media Campaign

First, there is the cost of recruiting people as well as finding a trainer for the social media campaign. New hire orientations are always expensive, because you are paying employees but there is no actual product or service being put out by them. Furthermore, you have to pay the trainer for their time as well. After whatever new hire orientation your company uses, you then have to worry about the mechanical aspect of training – in short, teaching them how to use your system and the various social websites and programs available. Once that is done, then there is an element of training them in various marketing strategies so that you can know they are representing your company well.

THAT Company specializes in running a tight, efficient, and successful social media campaign. Instead of going through the expense of training your own social media department, having an on hand consultant can solve all of your problems quite easily. Trained in both the various psychological factors of social marketing as well as the technical factors of the various search and ad programs, this consultant is a one stop shop for all the various needs of your online presence.

An additional factor to consider when decided on how to approach a social media campaign is the time investment. If you are looking to have a department retrain, or bring on new hires, then that is a large amount of man hours invested before you even see the first dollar. Additionally, if you run a small business and need to be doing the website work yourself, consider the fact that most of your day is spent actually running your business – do you truly want to be stuck to the computer managing an online presence in the evening hours, every single day?

With social media marketing it is not enough to just occasionally post a status update; nor, even, to have thousands of likes and friends or followers. If the goal is to drive customers, and thus revenue, into your store, then you should consider a focused approach. Don’t just post anything and hope for results – contact THAT Company and get your personal consultant for a social media campaign.