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Learn From Social Media Management Companies; How to Handle Criticism Over Social Media With Grace

When a disgruntled customer wants to turn the world against you through social networking, what’s the best way to respond? Social media management companies are experts at taking these kinds of situations and turning them around so that the reputation of the business under fire emerges not just unscathed, but is actually enhanced by the experience. Let’s take a look at some guidelines for the right and wrong ways to respond to criticism on social networks.

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Don’t respond in a negative way.

If the person representing your company on social media behaves inappropriately by replying to an upset customer with anger or sarcasm, you can expect an avalanche of attention. It will not be the type of attention you want. Keep your business’s tone upbeat, and stay respectful no matter what.

Always reply to customers who complain over social media.

If you say nothing, the message you convey is that your company just doesn’t care about the experiences of its customers. Of course, this is the opposite of the image that social media management companies will try to help you build and retain. This is the time for empathy and positivity, not aloofness or the appearance thereof.

Promise to make it right, and follow through.

Fill in the blank: the customer is always ______. If you don’t agree with the old adage, social media is, beyond a doubt, the worst place to display that. Be unfailingly polite, and quick to making amends when things go wrong. Social media management companies know a secret about angry customers on social networks: the person who’s upset can rapidly transform into your company’s advocate if the situation is handled correctly. This is a commonplace occurrence on social media. Even if your attempts to appease the unhappy customer don’t have the desired affect on that particular person, your company’s display of goodwill and magnanimity will be up on your social media page for everyone to see.

It can seem so simple to make a problem just go away on some social media networks: with the click of a button, you could make the critical comment vanish. No one would see it, you think. No one would know. As tempting as this prospect may be, social media management companies will be quick to tell you that it’s just not a good idea. It’s disrespectful to the customer (and yes, they may have shown a total lack of respect for your company, but that’s no reason to behave in kind).

Every company with an effective social media marketing presence should anticipate hearing from irate customers online. If you haven’t already consulted with social media management companies, try to emulate what they would do on your behalf. Angry customers can actually benefit businesses that know how to respond.