Social Media Marketing in Orlando

Tips For Using Social Media Marketing in Orlando

Tweet Global, Earn Local

The famous environmentalist catchphrase, “Think global, act local” contains a useful seed for thinking about social media marketing. Orlando-based companies are fortunate to be part of the community of businesses that, together, make their city one of the top tourist destinations in the world. And social media is, notoriously, a worldwide phenomenon, but what if your main interest is in connecting with clients, leads, and other business owners who live near your company? How can you make the most of social media marketing in Orlando?

Social Media Marketing Orlando

State your location, loud and proud.

Maybe you’re already doing this, but you’d be surprised to learn how many businesses neglect to add their geographic location to their Twitter profile. (This phenomenon seems to be less common on Facebook and LinkedIn.) If you’re engaging in social media marketing in Orlando, and seeking customers in Orlando, you should be very clear about where your business is based, right? For some types of businesses, it might even be a good idea to list your full address as part of your Twitter biography, to save your leads on social media the step of clicking over to your website to find out just how convenient your location is for them.

Use geo-targeted Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are affordable, simple to set up, and can target users by state, city, or zip code. They’re a great way to tap into local potential customer bases who otherwise might not be aware of your business, service, or product. Deciding that you want to narrow the focus of what you spend on social media marketing in Orlando can prevent wasting money on showing ads to Facebook users who are not close enough geographically to be interested in what you have to offer them.

Like other local businesses’ Facebook pages.

You’ll want to avoid liking your competitors, of course, but this is a great way to gain more local exposure. By interacting with the businesses your profile has become a fan of, on their Facebook pages, you can make their customers aware of you and interested in knowing more about what you do. A side benefit of this tactic is the potential for networking with your peers in the business community.

Use LinkedIn to connect with nearby business owners.

Another way of networking with your fellow movers and shakers close to home is by looking for the profiles of people who are jointly known as LinkedIn Open Networkers (LIONs). Start by going to a LinkedIn group, type “open networkers” in the search bar, and then join LION groups. Look through the lists of members, then, when you find someone interesting, send them a quick private message about why you’d like to connect. You can use the fact that you are both in the same group on LinkedIn’s connect form. While you’re signed into LinkedIn, you might even want to start your own group about social media marketing in Orlando, thereby ensuring you’ll connect with some like-minded business owners.