Social Media Marketing Tactics

Some Social Media Marketing Tactics: How to Awesomize Your Twitter Presence

The word “optimize” is thrown around a lot these days, but for many companies struggling to determine which social marketing media tactics will work for their brand and their business, there’s another word they should consider integrating into their vocabulary: awesomize.

Social Media Marketing Tactics

No, awesomize is not a real word. That’s part of why it’s a good descriptor for a certain toolkit of social media marketing tactics. Awesomize is not in the dictionary, but anyone who hears it will know what it means. It sounds casual, contemporary, creative, and fun. Those are all qualities that, assuming they’re compatible with the rest of your branding strategy, can be highly effective to draw in, engage, and retain your customers and leads as Twitter followers.

Social media marketing tactics should never result in a dreary, relentless sludge through flavorless advertisements. Your company’s voice on Twitter should both have character and provide valuable content for the readers. Social media is all about connections and relationships, and for a business, this means strengthening the interest, and even attachment, your followers have with your brand.

Writing style replaces all the nonverbal means of communication that people rely on when interacting face to face. You can’t use Twitter to convey the nuances of body language, facial expression, tone of voice, or hand gestures. What you can do is allow your own personality to shine through your words even as you tweet on behalf of your company. It will take time and practice to learn how to do this well.

Here’s one way to get closer to finding the right voice for your brand on social media networks: try to boil down the image you want for your business in just three words. Perhaps you’ve already done this, and if so, congratulations, because you’re ahead of the game. Now write those three words on a piece of paper, and post it in your office near the computer(s) where the social media posts are written. This will serve as a continual reminder of where the goalposts are for the person or people who write your content for social networks.

Of course, it’s important not to go too far with these kinds of social media marketing tactics. Your social media presence must retain a certain level of professionalism and appropriateness. Don’t be part of one of the social media train wrecks that dot the headlines each year.

Your Twitter followers and potential followers will be far more interested in engaging with your business on social networks if it feels like they’re interacting with a human being, not a soulless logo spitting out bland information about your business. Social media marketing tactics that humanize your brand’s message will greatly increase your popularity online, and build an unprecedented degree of brand loyalty.