Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips: Finding Your Online Voice

Some of the greatest social media marketing tips discuss how you, as a business, can speak to your audience in a way that fosters and grows a relationship.

social media marketing tips

When considering what to say and how to say it, start by thinking of your brand as a character. Humanize it. This character has feelings, beliefs, and opinions just like a person. Then ask, “What does this person care about?” Your company’s mission and vision statement can help you define the larger part of this. As for the rest, look at your employees and how they interact with each other as well as job tasks. Take inventory of your favorite positive, and perhaps, unique attributes of the physical hands and feet of your brand. It may not be apparent how you can use all of the information you observe right away, but understanding communication patterns and attitudes may show you how your brand might react to new opportunities in the future.

Indeed, one of the best social media marketing tips is to personify your brand as a character.

Another aspect of this involves asking, “How does this person sound?” The answer to this question will help you make decisions regarding word choice, sentence structure, tone, and even, in some cases, accent or language. For example, is your company a restaurant that specializes in Latin food? Perhaps you could place a few well-known Spanish words in your updates such as, “Delicioso, or Buenos Dias.” Or, maybe, your company sells hand-crafted rocking chairs from Georgia. In this case, you may decide to give your brand a Southern accent by modifying words to say, “Nothin’” instead of “Nothing,” or “Good Ole Fashioned” instead of “Old Fashioned.”

Focus on what is important: The message your brand-character would deliver if an acquaintance were to ask how they are doing/what’s new. With a clear understanding of how your brand would think and speak if it were manifested into a person, social media updates will become easier to write.

These social media marketing tips all aim at the goal of making your brand sound more real. Your audience will be more inclined to engage in conversation with your company if it shows it can interact like a real personality. Your followers want to feel like their ideas matter and will be received, rather than just sit somewhere on a virtual wall. When someone posts a comment on your page or mentions you, respond back to them. Show them you can speak to them just like their other Facebook friends.

Social media marketing tips for finding your voice can be the most useful of all because there is no use in having an audience if you cannot deliver your message in a unique and compelling way that portrays a relatable identity. Long-term branding goals revolve around building consumer relationships for life, and staying up to date with the best social media marketing tips.