5 Social Media Must-Dos to Be Successful

5 Things You Must Do In Social Media To Find Success

Social media seems simple enough, right? Make a few accounts, put up some information about your business, get some followers and you’re good to go. Not quite. Social media requires a strategic and proactive approach to be beneficial and achieve measurable results. This article will explore five social media tasks you must do to keep your campaign on track.

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1. Engage your followers.

Just having followers isn’t enough. They need to like, share, and comment on your posts. Likewise, you need to reply to comments, ask and answer questions, and engage with the people who are following and sharing your page. Engagement will increase the number of followers you have and strengthen your brand. Remember, social media is meant to be social.

2. Make your posts interesting.

Your updates should not be related only to products or advertisements. Yes, you do need some ads, but you don’t want your page to look like one long billboard. Post articles and items that will be of interest to followers. Post items such as company events, consumer testimonies, industry trends and causes you support. These types of posts engage followers and result in your content being shared.

3. Regularly update your pages.

Having a stale and out-of-date page can be worse than having no page at all. Users visiting an out-of-date page may get the impression that whoever is running the page is lazy, unorganized, old-fashioned, and unengaged. In short, a stale page could be seen as a discredit to the legitimacy of your business. Some users may think, “How legitimate of a business can this be if they can’t even keep their page up to date?” So remember, regularly update your page with interesting posts to keep your followers engaged.

4. Select the appropriate number of platforms.

Trying to have a presence on every social media platform can prove to be too much to handle. Aim for quality over quantity. Identify the most appropriate platforms, and how many you can effectively manage. This will prevent the quality of your pages from suffering because you can’t keep up with them. Remember, you need to be posting, responding and interacting with people to keep them engaged. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

5. Develop a strategy.

In fact, developing a strategy from the beginning will set up the proper execution for the first four must-dos. Before you dive into creating pages and attracting followers, you need to determine what channels you’re going to use and which ones are not a good fit. You must decide who is going to be managing the accounts and how they are going to do it. You will need to explore tools that can assist in managing your accounts and posting at scheduled times. You can avoid potential issues later by setting up guidelines for what types of postings are allowed and what topics and items are inappropriate. Developing these strategies and guidelines are crucial to ensuring your social media will be successful and achieve maximum results.

So start developing your strategy on how your company will interact with the every growing number of people on social media. Just remember to engage with them because, social media is meant to be social.


Jacob Sprague, Marketing Advisor

Marketing Advisor