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Whether you are new to social media or not, you need social media consultancy you can trust. When you are a business owner, you know the advantages of advertising and online marketing. Social media is just another medium in the long list of places to advertise.

Social Media Consultancy

As a matter of fact, social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to build brand awareness. Why? Because it is more about reputation building than brand building. Therefore, you want to work with a social media marketing company that can help you understand its advantages and benefits, and an advertising company you can trust to give you results.

That! Company is Your Trusted Social Media Consultancy

We are the right choice for social media consultancy and marketing. Social media covers a whole range of online activities, and it is always evolving. Used correctly, it can bring in a lot of business. We specialize in planning, executing and measuring social media marketing services to help you expand your brand presence, increase traffic, increase conversions, develop repeat business, generate leads, improve sales and maximize your return on investment.

Missing the Mark

You can have thousands of “likes” of Facebook or a large following on Twitter, but you can still be missing the mark. Exposure if great, but if you cannot tie social media interactions to the metrics that matter most to your business, then you are not using social media to its maximum advantage. We are able to measure the results of your social media marketing plan and make suggestions on what to do better and what to maintain.

We create a custom social media marketing plan for you based on your goals for your company. As we implement this plan, we also educate you on the benefits of social media and how to use it to your best advantage. We are a consulting agency that is passionate about what we do and interested in teaching you about the strategies involved to build your business and its reputation.

Whether you have used social media for years or you are new to the concept of using social media as a marketing tool, we are here to help you build and improve on a simple media with a global reach. Trust a company that is willing to teach you about social media as well as implement a plan to benefit your company. Contact us today to schedule a free discovery consult. We will discuss your goals and needs and get a feel for the best type of social media plan that will meet your goals and exceed your expectations. Consider That! Company as your social media consultancy company of choice.