Best Social Media Marketing

Numbers Are Not Everything: The Best Social Media Marketing with Audience Engagement

What are you saying and to whom? Is what you are saying relevant to your audience? The best social media marketing strategies include plans to increase virility of the information on web pages. In other words, get people to like, re-post, and share information with their friends, a sea of new eyes.

best social media marketing

To many companies, Facebook and Twitter can easily become a numbers game. How many “likes” does the page have? How many followers? However, in truth, the best social media marketing comes from audience engagement. Although having a generous number of followers notice your information popping into their feeds every day is enough to maintain an online presence, it is important to note what you could be missing out on. If just one of your followers shares his information with his followers, the reach of the information increases exponentially. Then one of his followers could share the information with her followers, her followers with another, and the reach becomes virtually endless.

Posting information that is relevant to your audience is a key practice for social media marketing because your audience is more likely to share something that means something to them. Or, perhaps they will notice that the information could mean something to someone they know. This is why the best social media marketing emphasizes the importance of knowing who your audience is. A company can use Facebook to inform followers of a special deal that is available for a limited time, or that something new is about to happen. The most important thing to note when writing posts is if you can imagine yourself as the recipient and answer the question, “Why is this important for me to know?” Remember, you are a consumer in this scenario, and you must remove all personal attachment to the company. If you can’t answer the question, or you realize that the information does not seem as interesting after all, then you can try changing your angle.

With purposeful placement of relevant information, the best social media marketing strengthens a brand through incorporating the brand into its audience’s daily lives. This requires consistent, timely updates that display information in a unique way, yet clearly and concisely. For example, you could choose to post a photo on Facebook once each day at around the same time to show followers what your business is up to. It is best to choose a peak time- a time when most people are online, thumbing through pages of their cyber social lives. If your information is meaningful to them, if your company is featuring a new item they might like to try, they might adjust their plans to incorporate your product or service that day. Showing them where your product or service can fit into their lives is a key best social media marketing practice. They will not only try it out, but tell others about it too. Then, the others might do the same.