Social Media Consultants

Social Media Consultants Provide Insight on Your Audience

How can social media consultants help you learn who your audience is? Just as knowing your audience in the marketing world is essential, knowing your cyber audience in the online marketing world is just as vital. Such insight can be provided by social media consultants, as they are experts in all things tweeting and updating.

social media consultants

Consultants can help you run and interpret social media insight reports that track where your followers live, their age, and other demographic information. They will then use that to determine strengths and areas of opportunity.

Facebook page insight reports measure your page’s audience, engagement trends, and virality of specific posts. In other words, these reports highlight the items on your page that get people talking. For example, if your target audience is women aged 18 to 32, reports can tell you what percent of people who “like” your page are within that age range. Reports can even go as far as showing the number of “likes” that come from people who live within specific cities. This insight is useful when developing marketing strategies to draw in local business within a specific time frame. Speaking to that specific audience will not only make the information sound more personalized, but will likely result in an increased response.

Of course, you will want to only make location-specific announcements to the corresponding part of your audience, which can be done with geo-targeting. Social media consultants can assist you with geo-targeting your social media posts. Geo-targeting is the process of determining the location of the online visitor through an IP address or an ISP (internet service provider) and delivering different information to the visitor based on their location.

Social media consultants also often recommend tracking other businesses your followers are mentioning in their posts. They ask: What drives them to talk about these other places? What was the element that occurred that motivated them to tell their virtual world? A positive experience, a negative experience, or an unexpected one? Keeping track of your audience’s experiences will help you learn what your audience likes, as well as help you develop your own social media marketing strategies that will lead to more audience interaction.

Analyzing the audience you already have and interacting with those who fit the demographic of your target audience will help you acquire more followers who fit into your target audience. Social media users often share information they think that others will like or find interesting. Chances are, their like-minded friends fit into your target audience well.

With the growing popularity of social media websites, applications, and user interaction, many companies outsource social media marketing experts to help them balance it all. Defining who you are as a brand and running a company is quite a project, so it is quite helpful to have social media consultants to assist with managing your company’s virtual presence.