How This Strategy Built 20,000 Facebook Followers In 50 Days

Facebook Law Firm Marketing

Situation: Motorcycle attorneys who wanted to increase the reach of their brand. They have tried using Facebook ads (on their own) before and saw no result whatsoever.

Action: They recognized the potential of using Facebook from all the data about the amount of people on the social network. They also saw their competitors investing time and resources into the platform.

Plan: We were presented with the challenge of creating a brand on Facebook from scratch. Considering motorcycle attorneys aren’t selling a product and their clients aren’t using Facebook to shop for a lawyer, we had to create such a brand presence that we would stay on the top of minds of everyone in the Facebook-biker community.

Using this article from Jon Loomer as motivation, we decided to give the page an interest-based theme that is represented by this motorcycle law firm.

How To Build A Brand From Scratch

Our goal was to identify the type of content that best resonates with this audience and to curate the most successful content while running ads for their branded blog posts and occasionally slipping them into the organic posts. Once the audience has built to a large enough following, we will commit 1/3 of our postings to attorney branded, motorcycle-related content.

Step 1: Create a Passion Page

So what’s the point of creating a “passion” page alternatively to one that’s centered around the law firm? Jon explains, “People may not be eager to interact with a brand’s Facebook page — particularly a brand they don’t know — but you may be surprised by how enthusiastic users are about engaging around a passion.”

For the motorcycle attorneys, it was an easy decision to host a passion page as motorcyclists are some of the most enthusiastic groups of people out there. Using Audience Insights, we isolated motorcycle-related interests and discovered the most popularly liked pages of people who have those interests.

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After searching through these pages, we developed a formula for what types of posts breed the highest amount of engagement. We also used these pages for interest-targeted Facebook ads optimized for page likes. In the copy of these ads, we sent a message that connects with bikers and simply told them what to expect if they like our page.

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Now this is where we took a slight detour in comparison with Jon’s strategy. He created a page dedicated to a passion that was NOT hosted by the brand. Then he would use that page to promote blogs and content from the actual brand’s website once he had built that audience.

Our plan was a hybrid of this, using the brand as the host for this campaign. This was a risk, but the law firm’s brand name fit easily into the passion and didn’t scare bikers off.

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Step 2: Share to the Passion Page

After studying the top pages liked by this audience, we determined what the best-performing types of posts are and began to curate accordingly. The results were staggering. With an engagement rate per post of 15% (industry average is about 1%), and total engagement rate of 75.04% (each post would reach 75% of the total number of followers we had), the page was taking off.

Motorcycle Attorneys Facebook

After building the audience for a month, we implemented our plan to distribute blogs that concentrated on the passion and not so much on the brand. As Jon explains, “Hopefully you’ve been sharing interesting content for this audience while it’s been growing. They are engaged. They are eating from your hand. Now it’s time to share a blog post from your brand website. Let’s start with a blog post that remains focused on the passion and less on the brand.”

“Your goal is to drive traffic to your brand site with relevant information that this audience will enjoy. While they’re there, they will now become more and more aware of your brand.”

So that’s exactly what we did. Using Quora, we investigated what the top questions people are asking about motorcycle accidents. We took the 5 most viewed/upvoted questions and created blog posts on each one.

Jon mentions that it’s not enough to just post these to your page, so we created an ad campaign for each blog. Jon emphasizes – “While organic results will be excellent, you should also promote these posts. Start first by promoting to the same interests you used for building your fan base as well as targeting fans. You should see Cost Per Website Click at extremely low rates.”

Making sure to use good copy and a dynamic image that caught peoples’ attention, this campaign performed exceptionally well. Our Cost Per Website Click was at $0.10 with a Result Rate of around 4%. The engagement on the post boosted the organic reach as well.

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Step 3: Remarket to New Website Visitors

We had installed a Custom Facebook Audience Pixel to the website for Since the Facebook page does really well with engagement, we wanted to make sure that all of our website visitors were aware of it. Therefore, we created an ad campaign optimizing for page likes and targeted past website traffic from the last 180 days.

We did not hit the same re-marketing numbers as Jon did with his experiment since our industry was a completely different beast, but we did learn what works and what doesn’t.

As mentioned, the page itself had grown to 20,000 followers in just 50 days. This number continues to grow, averaging 400 new page likes per day.

The posts are averaging a reach of 36,193 in the past month which is more than double what it did the month before.

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Thanks to Jon’s suggestion of using a passion-page to create a relevant audience, we were able generate followers and very high quality website traffic as well.

Website traffic increased by 550%, averaging 170 visitors per day from Social alone.

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Not only was the amount of traffic increased, but the quality as well. The bounce rate from Social visits decreased from 66.67% to 14.88%.

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Building the passion page created a community of people who are now familiar with 1-800 Motorcycle and what their brand represents. They have received multiple inquiries from new clients (and great feedback from previous clients) thanks to the passion page.

To quote Jon, “There is no way I could have done this so quickly without first building the passion page. I would have otherwise been running ads from a brand that people didn’t know to a website they didn’t know.”


Tim Mehta
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager