What Does Winning at Social Media Look Like?

Do You Think Your Winning at Social Media?

Have you ever noticed how many social media experts just curate or push out content all day? A tweet or a post that links out with a quick comment, or even just the title of the article they’re linking to. This is one of the biggest things that these “experts” are doing wrong. They are playing the wrong game and they aren’t listening. They aren’t thinking about what the end goal is.

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When it Comes to Influence, People Matter

Social media should be just that: a social platform. Better yet, an interactive platform that resembles a two-way street when it comes to communication. I talk, you listen. You talk, I listen. If you are just pushing content all the time but you are never listening, answering questions and comments, or acting like a simple human being, how could you ever truly connect or build relationships?

If you do what these experts do, your social media campaign becomes just a bunch of content being posted at once. If you do that, it’s not about your followers anymore. Social media should be about value-added relationships. You must always remember that when it comes to social influence, people matter.

It’s Not How Wide Your Reach Is, But How Deep It Is

You have to be very consistent in listening and really understand that it is always about people. If you only care about how many followers you have, or how many likes you are getting, you are missing the point. Going deep is what really creates that top-line awareness.

It’s not how wide your reach is, but how deep it is. You can have a lot of friends but those friendships could be very shallow and not very meaningful to you. On the other hand, you could have a few friends with relationships that have a lot of substance, and therefore you get more out of each relationship because they are real. You have actually taken the time to get to know one another – needs, wants, likes, and dislikes – and that lets you become a better friend to that person.

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Never Lose Sight of the Human Beings Behind the Metrics and the Media

Winning at social media is the same thing. If you act human, then you will receive the human attention that you are looking for. You cannot be in social media because it is the hot thing at the moment. Social media is more like SEO; it’s a long and meaningful experience.

The ones that win in this space are the ones who never lose sight of the human beings behind the metrics and the media. If you want your social media to make a difference in the world around you then you must do it for something greater than yourself.

This is how you win at social media.

– Theo Kenon, SEO AssistantSocial Media Winner