Social Media Small Business

When it Comes to Social Media Small Business, We Have the Solution

Social media small business is now a matter of fact if you want to take advantage of your share of the marketplace. How does your small business compete with other small business? In other words, how big is your small business? Statistics show that 78% of small businesses get at least one quarter of their new customers via social media. You can’t afford to ignore the reality that a website is no longer the only online presence your business needs to compete on the Internet.

social media marketing small business

The recent advent of different technologies has felt like a blessing and a curse for small business owners. On the one hand, it has provided them with the capabilities they’ve never had before, such as reaching a more unprecedented amount of consumers. On the other hand, many small companies are struggling to adjust to the constant and ever changing business environment of social media small business.

“Your time is money” is an old adage that applies to the size of your company no matter small just as it is with the giant monoliths in the marketplace. Taking the time to create meaningful social media content is not something some small businesses can do without help. That is where we come in to help take care of managing social media small business accounts to ensure that your business maintains a strong social presence with your audience.

Creating engaging content for your social media posts may seem like a daunting undertaking, but using a professional marketing consultant such as THAT! Company can actually save you time and money to grow your social media small business efforts. We will help you begin with a plan and content creation to improve and maximize the benefit of social media marketing that will drive new business to you. Remember that content is not just the words on your site, but it can me photos, videos and other links that will attract shoppers who might be looking for your product or service.

Many small businesses do understand the importance of their website for creating a desirable online presence in identifying and attracting new customers, but don’t fully understand the importance of social media in achieving those goals. Nor do they know how to implement new technologies or adapt to trends as deftly as the larger companies. THAT! Company can be a huge guide and support in teaching your small businesses how to get its ‘sea legs’ in using the benefits of social media small business. Let us help you learn how to better interact with customers and level the playing field with your competitors.