Social Network Advertising

What is Social Network Advertising?

Social network advertising offers a unique advertising opportunity for brandishing your brand across enormous user bases and deep data bases. It is a phrase that is used to describe a form of online advertising that focuses on social networking sites. Advertisers can take advantage of the users’ demographics and target their needs appropriately.

social network advertising

At That! Company, a social media marketing company, we analyze the state of social network advertising and where it is heading, offering a comprehensive guide and examination of advertising ecosystems such as Twitter and Facebook. We know that social network advertising is a young but already extremely lucrative approach for boosting the bottom line of company. The average American spends nearly 12 hours a month perusing social networks looking for products and services to meet their needs, with 18-24 year olds spending an average of 20 hours. Social media marketing is a growing market and so far, it only represents 1% to 10% of ad budgets for a wide variety of advertisers and that the giant growth driver is going to be increased mobile usage.

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are daily destinations for millions of customers. Social network advertising allows individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. That interaction feels personal to users because of their previous experiences with social networking site interactions. It is also fast and easy to reply to posts and comments, which means that conversations are much easier on these sites. These conversations should be exactly what you are looking to get out of social media as it will certainly help you grow and strengthen your consumer base.

Understanding the buying signals of social media users can help sales people target relevant prospects and marketers fun micro targeted campaigns. Our social network advertising skills allow us to increase traffic back to your site, reach out to the consumer, and find out which marketing strategy will best work for you and your company. It is our job to provide you with advertising insights, information, education and support. The idea is to create a fertile ground for your product or service filled with lead generation in order to ultimately drive revenue to fulfill your advertising campaign goals.

No business can control every conversation on the web, but a successful social media marketing strategy can help you move conversations in the direction that you want them to go. THAT! Company can help you mold and monitor your content to help make your brand stand out and be continuously seen by your target audience. Social network advertising is an important part of your company’s growth and THAT! Company can help you maximize your efforts.